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James V. Rizzo

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Vincent James “Jim” Rizzo, 93, of Boyds, Maryland and Miami Beach, Florida passed away on September 2, 2021. He was the loving husband to the late Theresa M. Rizzo.

Jim was born on March 19, 1928 in New York City to the late Amerigo and Felice Rizzo. He is survived by his children: Halinah Rizzo-Busack,  Donna Mitchell, James V. Rizzo and Elmira Fahrun; two sisters: Mary and Connie; nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Jim was preceded in death by two brothers: Art and George and two sisters: Lucille and Lilly. 

Jim was dedicated to his family, worked hard, lived the American dream  and was a God-fearing and God-loving man. 

Services will be private. James's final resting place will be at Resthaven Memorial Garden.



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From: Thomas Mitchell

Jim Rizzo’s Italian parents arrived in New York about a hundred years ago. Amerigo Rizzo was from Calabria, his wife Maria Felice Fabrizio from a small town in Basilicata. They had come to join her family who had preceded them and to make a new life in America. As they were making their way in Brooklyn, New York, The Crash of 1929 occurred, and the country entered The Great Depression. Jim Rizzo was a year old when the stock market crashed, and the depression years that followed were his formative ones. They were difficult years, but he looked back on them as having been good ones. He spoke proudly about going around with holes in his shoes, of not having two nickels to rub together, about hustling newspapers or bananas, about sharing a flat with six sisters and brothers, but never about being unhappy. Over the years he would fondly recall his family of 1930s Brooklyn. He had warm memories of moments with his aunts, of besting his uncles at card games as a kid, of his saintly grandmother. His experiences in those years shaped what would become Jim Rizzo’s key values – the value of family and the value of financial wellbeing. His memories of his mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles provided for him a paradigm of what he believed family should be. And uncles Jim and Al and Aunt Lena demonstrated that success was possible even in the most difficult circumstances. These values motivated him throughout his life. Jim had a sense that he didn’t achieve success on his own. He believed that God was looking after him, and until old age intervened, he attended mass nearly every day to give thanks for his blessings. And he contributed to many charities – every day his mailbox contained solicitations for contributions, and he responded to them generously. His beneficiaries are the better for his legacy, for the values he imparted to them, especially the value of family. May he rest in peace.

From: The Hilton Family

We would like to express our sincere condolences to you and your family.