About our family

Founded in 1890 by William T. Hilton & son Clagett, our business is now in its sixth generation of service.


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Woody and Lisa Hilton own and operate Hilton Funeral Home. They are both a 1988 graduate of CCBC with a degree in Mortuary Science.

Lisa is also the owner of Sugarloaf Monuments, a division of Hilton Funeral Home. 

Owners & Funeral Directors

Woody & Lisa Hilton

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Stephanie Brady is a licensed funeral director for Hilton Funeral Home. She is a 2019 graduate of CCBC with a degree in Mortuary Science and a 2012 graduate of Stevenson University with a Bachelors in Business Communications. 

Funeral Director

Stephanie Hilton Brady

William T. Hilton
Second Generation
Clagett Hilton
Third Generation
William B. Hilton
Constance Chiswell
Fourth Generation
William C. Hilton
Shirley Hilton

Our Commitment and promise to you

Through the years, our aim has been to provide you and your family with quality service, service that is built upon your trust in us and our dedication to you. And in spite of our long years of serving, we do not take for granted your decision in choosing us to handle your family's funeral arrangements.

In today's world of corporate-owned funeral homes, we consider it a privilege and an advantage to you to be a small, family-owned business. While big business watches the bottom line, we will do what's right for you and your family. You can trust a 130 year old company to do what's in your long-term interests and not settle for the fast and easy way.

We look forward to offering our special brand of personal service at a fair and reasonable price.




Robert Thomas Carriage Museum



The horse-drawn hearse shown on the left was constructed by Clagett. It is now fully restored and resting in the Robert Thomas Carriage Museum in Blackstone, VA.

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